For surfers, Balian Beach offers one of Bali’s most consistent waves.

It`s not exactly a secrete spot… but it sure feels like one. Just a short drive up the coast from Kuta you will find the perfect getaway from the hurly-burly of the south Bali madness. Balian Beach, known to insiders for some time now, is a delightful little enclave off the road on the way to Medewi and points north. This charming little hamlet, with its black sand beach and friendly, cobblestone wave, is the answer to anyone looking for vacation within a vacation. Family friendly, wave friendly, tourist friendly… just plain friendly, this small surfing tourist spot is a place to re-charge and remember who you are.
[…] Line-up views from your rooms, three steps to the beach. Beachside cafe and plunge pools. The way perhaps Kuta should have stayed. Surftime`s Matt George and Ripcurl`s Pete Matthews recently paid a visit and came back raving. They can`t wait to get back to test the new line of Rip Curl surfboards. It`s a return to something great. So pack up for a week-end or a mid-week romance and go get it on at Balian.

- SURFTIME Magazine, July 2012

Balian beach surfing

For surfers, Balian Beach offers one of Bali’s most consistent waves. This river mouth break offers two rights and one big left. The waves break at a river mouth over smooth rocks and reef creating a consistent set up all year round. The lack of crowds is a beautiful thing up here, however you will notice on really small days there will be an influx of crew making the drive up from Kuta for the day as Balian is a swell magnet.

It’s not uncommon for Balian to be a perfect 3-4ft while Kuta is dead flat. When the swell is maxing you have options also, head 20 minutes up the road to the amazing long mellow lefts of Medewi.
Balian is a very diverse wave and delivers quality surf from 2ft -10ft. The beach at Balian sits on the west coast and is one of the few places in Bali that offer clean waves all year round.
The main rights peel off the main peak and work in a 2-8ft swell and run from 100-200 meters. It’s a really fun workable wave with the occasional barrel section.

If you love a cruisy take off and long workable walls then main lefts is perfect. Capable of holding up to 10ft there is a deep channel and good current making for an easy paddle back out. Take your short board or your malibu.
Walk an extra 100 meters across the river with your short board for some faster, snappier and hollower right handers. Enjoy a few barrels while admiring the beautiful palm tree lined beaches of Balian.

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