We hope that you will enjoy your stay and make full use of our facilities. Balian Villa guests are kindly requested to observe the rules, so that their stay will be comfortable and safe.

  1. Check-in time is after 14:00. Check-out time is before 12:00.
  2. When checking out of Balian Villa, please be sure to return your room key to the Reception.
  3. Early arrival & late departure are subject to availability.
  4. The Balian Villa accepts the following forms of payment: cash IDR, Visa, MasterCard.  Submitting the voucher of the travel agency can also provide the accommodation.
  5. Silence is obligatory in Balian Villa from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. on the next day. The Guest`s behavior should not disturb the peace of other guests.
  6. Please make sure to lock doors when leaving the villa during your stay.
  7. Please use the inside lock of the villa when sleeping.
  8. The guests keep the villa key. Any damage and loss will be subject to a fine.
  9. Persons other than those registered guests are strictly prohibited from staying at the villa.
  10. Safety deposit boxes for money and valuables are available free of charge in the villas. Balian Villa will not be liable for the loss or theft of money or valuables.
  11. Guests are held responsible for any damage done to the furniture / decoration or other facilities insides the villas. The Guest is obliged to pay on demand the amount required to make good any such damage.
  12. Please do not take away villa items as souvenirs. Otherwise, the charge will be added onto your bill.
  13. Please refrain from any acts that could cause a fire in the villa.
  14. Children cannot stay unattended at the villas.
  15. Please do not bring Illegal drugs or other articles, the possession of which is prohibited by the laws of Indonesia.
  16. Please cooperate with economies of electricity and water for the preservation of natural resources.
  17. Balian Villa has the right to refuse providing any services under any of the following cases:
  • when Balian Villa is unable to provide accommodation due to natural calamities and / or other causes of force major;
  • when the Guest fails to observe the House Rules to stay at Balian Villa or use its facilities;
  • when the Guest can be clearly detected as carrying an infectious disease;
  • when the person behaves in a manner, which would cause significant inconveniences to other accommodating guest;
  • when the Guest has demanded, to Balian Villa facilities or staff (employees), overbearing unjust acts such as violence, threat or blackmail, or has requested Balian Villa to assume an unreasonable burden, or has proven to have made a similar conducted in the past.

Balian Villa Management wishes You a nice stay.